i hate it when you’re waiting for someone to text you and someone else texts you but you think it’s them and you get all disappointed when you realize it’s not

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texting someone new is always weird.

like how do they feel about all lowercase letters? do they think it looks dumb? do i have to use super proper grammar and punctuation? will they know im being sarcastic when i start abbreviating words? are they a haha or lol person? are they a strict no acronyms kind of person? how do they feel about pet names? what’s their stance on emojis? 

it’s terrifying 

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this guy i know throws this wild crazy party at the end of every school year and he invites literally everyone in our grade and this year i’m gonna call the cops ahead of time to shut it down because i once let him borrow a pencil and he never gave it back 

that’s a lot of anger over just 1 pencil.

it was a mechanical pencil 

You may proceed

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babe get ready for a night on the town, i just found an old Subway gift card and there’s still $9.45 left on it

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"Beware of trying to classify people too definitely into types; you will find that all through their youth they will persist annoyingly in jumping from class to class, and by pasting a supercilious label on every one you meet you are merely packing a Jack-in-the-box that will spring up and leer at you when you begin to come into really antagonistic contact with
the world."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

"Don’t let yourself feel worthless; often through life you will
really be at your worst when you seem to think best of yourself;
and don’t worry about losing your “personality,” as you persist
in calling it; at fifteen you had the radiance of early morning, at
twenty you will begin to have the melancholy brilliance of the
moon, and when you are my age you will give out, as I do, the
genial golden warmth of 4 P.M"

F. Scott Fitzgerald


If a dead ancestor doesn’t appear in the sky to stop me, it can’t be that bad of a decision

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The Fault In Our Sombreros.

Nacho average love story.

it’s spelled olé not olay you illiterate fuck this ain’t the fault in our lotions

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*trys to hit high note of favorite song*


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the sexual tension when u and ur crush are online on fb at the same time and u just stare at their lil green dot

and suddenly you know what gatsby felt like

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i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs

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"frozen is the first disney movie to deal with sibiling relationships and not romance"


Is that an example or a reaction?


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illy (i like like you) 

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